Internship in Bangalore for EC Students

TECHNOFIST provides, Internship in Bangalore for BE EC Students. Students can expose their whole enthusiasm towards their career. Students will end with valuable experience, excellent connections, and great expertise in your desired field. Students will get certification too.

Best place for carrying out final year internships in Bangalore for Electronics Engineering students, Karnataka. VTU students from different parts of Karnataka, Bangalore will visit us in the 7th semester and 8th semester holidays to complete their internships for academic purpose. Our Internship in Bangalore for BE EC Students – imparts technical and programming skills on the below list of technologies such as:

  • Core Based Technologies: EMBEDDED
  • Image and Signal Processing: MATLAB
  • IC Based Technologies: CMOS VLSI
  • Automation Technologies: IOT

Highlights of our company

  • This company is Run by 14+ Years
  • Providing job oriented courses
  • Delivered 10000+ engineering & academic projects
  • Both online and offline available

Why our company provides, internship for EC?

The Course curriculum for EC Internship is carefully researched and prepared by professionals from MNC to meet the demands expected in the current electronics and core industries. After completing Internship Training from Technofist, students will be familiar with the entire electronics fabrication, electronics manufacturing process followed in core companies. Below are some of the insights of our programme, Internship for ECE

  • Project development
  • Explore a career path
  • Full support on Hardware and software tools
  • 100% Practical Technology training
  • Placement training
  • Efficient Growth in Career
  • Real Life Experience and Exposure
  • Industrial exposure

Short term internships for EC students in Bengaluru

  • Duration: 1 Month
  • Training hours: 2 hrs per day
  • Software & others tools installation Guidance
  • Hardware support
  • Internship/Project report creation
  • Technofist is top under, internship in Bengaluru for EC , based 2 projects
  • Certificates will be given
    • Offer Letter + Internship Completion
Sl No Topics
1 EMBEDDED: Introduction to Embedded system, Microprocessor &Microcontroller classification, Introduction of embedded C and Ardino Microcontroller, Interfacing of ADC, LED, Seven segment display, Interfacing of LCD, Switches and Keyboard matrix ,Motors, Introduction to LPC2148(ARM)Microcontroller, Linux fundamentals & device driver.


TECHNOFIST provides Internships for final year engineering students in Bangalore with training, Industrial visit and report guidance. Best place for carrying out final year internships in Bangalore based on EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, Karnataka. VTU students from different parts of Karnataka , Bangalore will visit us in the 7th semester and 8th semester holidays to complete their internships for academic purpose in the fields of EMBEDDED, RTOS, PYTHON, INTERNET OF THINGS, MATLAB, VLASI, ELECTRICALS and TELECOMMUNICATION DOMAINS.

We provide engineering final year students with training on industrial products with complete theoretical and practical aspects. 4 weeks and 8 weeks VTU internship training in Bangalore is available for ELectronics and Communication, Electricals and Electronics, Telecommunication engineering and Medical Ekectronics Engineering students .

Internship acknowledgement letters will be provided to students to get permissions from college. Once internship is completed , a standard certificate will be provided accordingly. VTU final year engineering students from ECE , EEE, TELECOM and BIO - Medical Department branches can visit TECHNOFIST branches for more clarifications on INTDUSTIAL internship with training, documentation and certificates.

Technofist have tie ups with major industries in Bangalore ranging from Embedded development, Software technologies and mechanical industries. Students will be provided with provision to visit and get hands on experience with live projects.

Internships for Electronics and communication | Electricals and Electronics | Telecommunication engineering-BE/Btech

Internship in embedded development

We are interested with the candidates who are having good academic grades,passion about our industry,self-motivated,innovative and ready to face design challenges in the current and tomorrow’s digital world.

We do embedded designs, develop and code the electronics and communication department project concepts. We use all the latest microcontroller development boards like 8051, 8052, PIC development boards, AVR development boards, ARM 7 and ARM 9 Boards, AURDINO UNO, AURDINO MEGA Development Boards, RASBERRI PI Boards, MSP430 Boards etc.
Projects available on ROBOTICS, Wireless communication, Automations, Telecommunications, Electricals, Bio – Medical, Medical Electronics, IOT, Android based applications with embedded systems.


A certificate (Training Letter) is provided to all the participants at the end of the training. Our candidates are working in MNC like Wipro, Ericsson, Infosys, Microsoft etc. Technofist, an efficient Training and Placement cell is constantly working towards providing the best career prospect to the students. Six Months Industrial Training at Bangalore for MCA/BCA/M.Tech/B.Tech/B.E will be provided by Industry professionals.

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Eligibility: M.Tech | B.Tech| B.E| MCA [Mechanical,Computers, Eletronics and Electricals Background..]

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Electronics and communication students can carry out EMBEDDED INTERNSHIP with latest products trending with different technologies like IOT (INTERNET OF THINGS), Embedded systems, RTOS , Matlab and live VLSI projects. Basic embedded training will be provided to the engineering students with latest trends in market, later students can choose a product based on their requirements like, GPS tracking system, LED scrolling displays , Access control systems, Digital data logger , Home automation using WIFI, RTC based real time electrical appliances control etc.

Then the engineering students will be provided to see the real time product development and work with developers and prepare a report as per the VTU report format. Certificate will be provided accordingly. Internship program for matlab. VTU based embedded internships in Bangalore, Karnataka. VLSI internships in Bangalore, Karnataka. Real-time product based internship in Bangalore, Karnataka. Companies providing internships for ECE students. IOT internships for ECE students. Good internship ideas for ECE students. Summer internships for ECE students. Industrial training for ECE students. Internships for final year students. Internships for final year ECE students. Summer internship on Matlab for ECE students. Summer internship on VLSI for ECE students. Internships on RTOS in Bangalore, Karnataka. Summer internships on RTOS for final year students. Companies providing RTOS based internship in Bangalore, Karnataka.

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what we do

THINK   |   DESIGN   |   R&D

We think, design and do research and development on latest technologies, Prepare base works.


We develop the projects according to university standards. Execute the concepts.


We train the students on different technologies, Deliver the project on time and provide report and PPT materials.


Developed more than 6000 project Concepts.
With more than 10 years of experience, perfect lab infrastructure and dedicated developers.
We designed and developed more than thousands of project concepts.