WebDevelopment COURSES

Java is a computer programming language widely used in most of the software industry for coding or programming purposes. JAVA technology allows us to work and play in secure environment with high security measures. We can reduce cost, drive innovation and improve application services.
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WebDevelopment COURSES

  • We help students learn to create beautiful responsive websites by teaching them the latest trends and tips on design and coding. Our policy is simply the best, practice. We make students practice by giving whole lot of assignements which’ll help them master coding websites.
    Learn to design stunning responsive websites in just 3 months and launch your web developer career. This master course is a step by step hands-on design and coding training.

The course involves 3 stages of learning WebDevelopment:

  • Beginner level

  • Intermediate level

  • Advanced level

    The beginner level involves the :

    Introduction To This Course

    Introduction to Front End Development

    Introduction to HTML

  • HTML Basics

  • Basic Tags

  • HTML List

  • Divs and Spans

  • HTML Attributes

    Intermediate HTML

  • Unit Objectives

  • HTML Table and Forms Tags

  • Input and labels

  • Dropdown and Radio buttons

  • HTML Attributes

    The intermediate level involves :

    HTML with CSS

  • Introduction to css

  • css basics

  • selectors basics todo list

  • more advanced selectors

    intermediate css

  • more font properties

  • box model

  • css blog from scratch

    The advanced level involves :

    Bootstrap 4

    Flexbox and Layout


  • Introduction to PHP

  • PHP Basics

  • PHP forms

  • Advanced PHP



  • Introduction to JavaScript

  • JavaScript basic with control flow

  • Functions and Arrays

  • Objects and Dom manipulation

  • Advanced Dom manipulation



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    The overall training program will help the students to achieve expertise on the technology and get a clear picture about industrial projects by gaining through knowledge about various tools & processes involved in project development life cycle. All this together, will horn the technical ability of our students on a par with the experienced software professionals.

    Technofist provides Industry related courses for engineering students in Bangalore with training and certification. The courses are for students who are studying in final year of engineering, engineering pass out students, students who are looking for jobs, students who have passed out 6 th semester and are entering into final year.

    The study material will be provided to the students so that they can be trained better by providing them much more details. The students will be working on real-time examples and at the end will be working on projects in the respective domain. Technofist have tie ups with major industries in Bangalore.

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